State DBT Portal

DBT Onboarded Schemes

  • Total Onboarded Schemes: 112 from 24 Ministry/Department

Department of Animal Resource Development: 4 Scheme(s)

  1. Heifer Rearing Scheme
  2. livestock Health and Diseases Control
  3. Piggery
  4. Scholarship and Stipend

Department of Food and Public Distribution: 1 Scheme(s)

  1. DBT on pulses and Mustard oil

Department of General Administration: 1 Scheme(s)

  1. Social Pension to Freedom Fighters

Department of Home: 2 Scheme(s)

  1. Diet and ration
  2. Pension to retired home guard

Department of Horticulture: 1 Scheme(s)

  1. Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture

Department of Information and Cultural Affairs: 1 Scheme(s)

  1. Social Pension

Department of Public Works(DWS): 2 Scheme(s)

  1. State run Stipend to M.E students
  2. Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin

Department of Public Works(R and B): 1 Scheme(s)

  1. State run Stipend for C.E students

Department of Sports and Youth Affairs: 1 Scheme(s)

  1. State run stipend and scholarship cost of ration