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Financial Year 2020-21

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55 years and above & 10 years experience in the profession. The experience certificate may be issued by the concern GP/VC/NP/AMC. Incase of Motor Sramik they should have the driving licence. If any person is coverd by any other social security scheme he shall not be eligible. The GP/VC/NP/AMC as the case will consulted by the CDPO. After receving the application at GP/VC/NP/AMC should send to labour department with recomendation and the laboure department may consider the cases and re-commend to the CDPO for sanction. The applicants may must be BPL craiteria.      Notification Number - No.F.3(72)DSWE/PEN.CELL/2011(L) Dated 19.10.2012